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Our School Emblem

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A school emblem is an important sign of who we are and who we are called to be. Our emblem is a bold and rich symbol.

The Crown: Symbolises Our Lady (Mary) of Mt Carmel.

The hermits of Mt Carmel in the Middle Ages built a chapel in the midst of their cells and dedicated it to Mary.   As Catholics, we recognise Mary as Queen of Heaven.  This crown and its role involve all that a good leader should embody: faith, humility, prayer, contemplation, listening, service and discipleship. The bottom star also represents Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

The dark space represents the mountain - Mt Carmel

... A mountain in the Holy Land (northern part of Israel).  This is a holy place for Christians, Jews and Muslims.  The hermits who lived on and around the mountain began the life and history of the Carmelites.  The Carmelite priests ministered in the Parish of Port Adelaide / Pennington from 1902-1999.

Top Points of the Shield:

The three top points of the emblem represent the Trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit, which are central to our faith as Catholic people: three distinct persons making One God - God as parent, in the Son Jesus and in Spirit as the Holy Spirit.

The Three Stars:

The top two stars represent the prophets, Elijah and Elisha

Elijah was a prophet in Israel and is an important model of discipleship for all.  He was a just prophet who walked in solidarity with the people.  Elijah was a model of what it means to be a contemplative – someone who makes room for God and is open to God.  He found strength when he recognised that God was within him.

Elisha represented in the second star was another prophet.  He succeeded Elijah when his time on earth was finished. (1 King 19:16).  Elisha’s work consisted of presenting the Word of God through prophecy, advising Kings, anointing Kings, helping the needy and performing several miracles.

What does this emblem mean for us at Our Lady of Mt Carmel Parish School?

  • We are part of a tradition
  • We acknowledge and celebrate our Catholic Identity
  • We are a school in relationship with God
  • We live as disciples in the model of Mary, Elijah and Elisha
  • We are called to love and serve.