The Josephite tradition


Our school acknowledges the 70-year history of the pioneering support of the Sisters of St Joseph.

The Sisters were part of our school since its beginnings in 1909 and stayed with us until 1982.

The Josephites began their work through the efforts of Mary MacKillop who started her work in Penola in the southeast of South Australia. The work of Mary continued to spread and other women joined Mary in her mission of love and service. This work continues today in various ministries in hospitals, the wider community, schools and parishes.

In 1869, Mary and the Sisters came to Port Adelaide and opened a school.

In 1909, the Sisters moved to the present site of Pennington until leaving the school in the hands of lay leadership in 1982. As a school we will always be grateful for their pioneering efforts and sacrifice. A dedicated lay staff now carries on the work of Mary MacKillop and the Sisters.

Our Library & Information Centre is named the MacKillop Library & Information Centre in honour of the work of the Josephite Sisters.