Work, Health and Safety

The health and safety of our students is a paramount concern for Our Lady of Mount Carmel school.

Health and Family Care

If your child is sick, please do not send the child to school.

Parents will be contacted if their child requires any medical/health support during school hours.

Please note the following skin infections, infectious diseases and incubation information:

  • Skin infections
    • Impetigo Commonly known as School Sores - Excluded until the sores have healed or are properly covered with a dressing; or until a medical certificate of treatment is produced.
    • Ringworm - Excluded until the day after appropriate treatment has commenced.
    • Head Lice - Excluded until effective treatment has been carried out and the hair is free of lice.
    • Scabies - Excluded until a medical certificate of treatment is produced.
    • Conjunctivitis - Excluded until discharge from eyes has ceased.
  • Infectious diseases
    • Chicken Pox - Excluded for 7 days from the appearance of spots.
    • Fifth Disease Also called ‘slap face”. Avoid contact with pregnant women. Not excluded from school.
    • Infectious Hepatitis - Excluded until medical certificate of recovery is produced. If this is not available, readmitted once symptoms have subsided.
    • Measles - Excluded for 5 days from the appearance of rash or medical certificate of recovery is produced.
    • Mumps - Exclude until fully recovered.
    • Rubella Commonly known as German Measles - Excluded for 5 days from appearance of rash.
    • Strep. Infections - Excluded until appropriate medical treatment is given and a medical certificate of recovery is produced.
    • Whooping Cough - Excluded for 2 weeks unless medical certificate is produced.
  • Student Details Report is sent to each family. Parents / Caregivers are to check that all the information is correct and return it to the office; it is then filed for emergency. If any information changes, please let the Office know immediately.
  • Medication is not recommended at school. However if medication is required, a detailed instruction form is available from our Office First Aid Officers Sylvia Congedi, Anne Turtle & Kathy O’Connor. Please do not ask the teachers to dispense medication.

Medical Services

School Dental Services: appointments available at Pennington Primary.    Phone: 8447 6946.

Community Services

Catholic Family Services: Phone 8210 8200
Port Adelaide Family Mission: Phone 8241 0453
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS): Phone 8341 1222

Safety in our school

The safety of our students and wide school community is a highest priority.

We provide a secure environment that allows students to move safely around the school. Our staff are clearly identified by identification badges. As our school is fully secure, all visitors must enter through the Front Office and sign-in upon entering the school.

Safety in the yard encourages our students to play actively without fear. Each teacher on Yard Duty wears a florescent safety vest to ensure that they are easily visible should a student be looking for assistance. Teacher’s also carry first-aid kits for the treatment of minor injuries in the yard. More serious injuries are dealt with promptly in the sick room by staff who are trained in Senior First Aid.

The school is situated in a suburban street, which can make the movement of traffic difficult during peak school drop off and pick up times. To ensure that students are safe during this time teachers are on duty at the school’s gates.