Student Well-being

The well-being of our students is a shared responsibility between our families and the school.  There are a number of areas in which we concentrate on student well-being:

Personal Responsibility

We have a positive and pastoral approach to Behaviour Management. Called 'Personal responsibility', it reflects a more positive and self-management approach. The right of teachers to teach and children to learn is important to us.

If children feel unsafe at any time they must learn to let an adult know. Parents are contacted about any serious and/or consistent matters.

The school rules are:

  • Cooperate Hands off – feet off
  • Walk – Don’t run Play safe – stay safe
  • Stop. Think, Act Put it in a bin
  • Respect Others No hat, no play

“Steps” are used in classrooms and in the yard to support behaviour. There is ongoing counselling and class work to support students. Parents are contacted as the need arises.

Behaviours such as biting, bullying, harassment, and fighting are completely unacceptable. Children may be excluded from class or suspended.


Police Clearance

All parents who volunteer in any capacity are required to have a current Catholic Archdiocese Police Clearance. Forms can be obtained from the school front office.

Privacy Policy

The school has a Privacy Policy which is provided to all parents/caregivers in the enrolment contract. Security: The school gates are locked each morning at 9.00am and then opened at approximately 2.45pm. The only entry during the day is through the main Office area. Parents/Carers/Visitors are expected to “sign in” at our Office during these times.

Student Insurance is recommended. Details available from the Office. The School Board provides a basic cover for children during school hours.


Students are not to be in the yard before 8.25am as there is no supervision. There is no also supervision after 3.20pm so children are taken to After School Care and parents are asked to cover supervision costs.

Teachers will be in their rooms at 8.45am. The PLAYGROUND IS CLOSED before and after school.

Hot Weather

Our school is air conditioned. When there are extreme temperatures lunches are brought inside, the children stay in the classroom for lunch, there is no play on the oval and all sport is in the morning. Children are expected to wear a hat and also wear sun screen.

First Aid & Bleeding

School Staff are trained in basic first aid, asthma management & anaphylaxis. Students are taught to control their own minor bleeding. Parents/Ambulances are called for serious cases. It is important that we have contact numbers on file for any emergencies. If there are any changes in details please let us know urgently. Please note that the school has Ambulance Cover.

Collection of children

Parents or nominated carers need to sign children “out” at our Office before leaving the property during school hours and sign children “in” upon return. When parents/carers have “signed out”, students will be called to the front office. This is an important security procedure.

Please keep teachers informed about any “new” people who you may have arranged to pick up your children. It is also important that the child/children know these procedures and feel safe with the arrangements.

Allergy Aware

The School has an allergy awareness policy that minimises the risks to anaphylactic students and other allergy sufferers. All students that suffer from allergies are on a medical management plan.